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Published on May 30th, 2014 | by boagam


Top 5 Best 2 Player Board Games in 2016

Board games are a lot of fun to play, but most of them require a group of people to make it fun. There are a lot of board games available for people who don’t have a large group to play with, and are fun to play with only two people. After reviewing the top two player board games, we have come up with a list of the best 2 player board games in 2016, and have listed them below.

forbidden desert
Forbidden Desert
lost cities
Lost Cities
Playtime:~120 min~30 min~45 min~60 min~45 min
Difficulty:easynormalvery easynormaleasy

#5 Lost Cities

lost cities

The aim of Lost Cities is to go on profitable expeditions in one or more of the five lost cities, cities like the Desert Sands, the Brazilian Rain Forests, the Ancient Volcanoes, Neptune’s Realm, and the Himalayas. To reach the lost cities, each player must play a card, and move one of their four adventurers in the path determined by the color of the card they played. It is better to play a low card at the beginning if a player wants to move their adventurer, because they can only be moved by a card of equal or higher value. There can only be one adventurer on each path, and the player with the most artifacts collected wins the game. The game was created for two people, but the designer has provided rules for up to four players, ages and up.

#4 Pandemic


The aim of Pandemic is to stop four diseases that are threatening to wipe out a region in the world, you and your playing partner are specialists that have to work together to find a cure for the diseases before they spread and cause the extinction of everybody in the region. The game has an expansion that can allow up to five people to play, in case there are more than two people that want to play.

#3 Forbidden Desert

forbidden desert

This is the sequel to the hit game Forbidden Island; the objective is to recover a flying machine that is buried in the ruins of an ancient city. You will team up with the other player, and have to use your resources wisely if you want to survive the heat and storms of the desert. You are going to be in a race against time to find the flying machine, or be lost in the desert forever. This game was made for two players, but you can play with up to five players, from ages 10 and up.

#2 Dominion


This is another popular game that two players can enjoy, you are the monarch of a small kingdom you inherited from your parents, but have dreams of having dominion over a larger kingdom, so you claim pieces of land from small and petty lords, and make them part of your kingdom. The only problem is that you have to compete with other monarchs who also have dreams of ruling a bigger kingdom, and you have to fend them off, if you intend to fulfill your dreams. The game is suitable for people ages 12 and above.

#1 Agricola All Creatures Big and Small


Agricola is made exclusively for two players, in the game, you are an animal breeder, and you have to make the most of your pastures, by building newer infrastructures and fences, you get points by creating new buildings, enclosing your animals, and having large variety of animals. The player that acquires the most points wins the game. The game is suitable for people ages 12 and above and is considered the best 2 player board game of 2016.

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