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Top 5 Best Party Board Games in 2016 You Can Play When You Get Together

Board games aren’t just for bonding with your family, they are also fun to play when throwing a party, because they help to lighten the mood, and get people to interact with each other. There are a lot of board games that are great for parties, and we reviewed some of the best party board games and group board games, and used them to come up with a list of the top 5 board games of 2016 you can play when you throw your next party or get together.

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity
Reverse Charades
Reverse Charades
Spot It
Spot It
Say Anything
Say Anything
Time’s Up – Deluxe
Time’s Up – Deluxe
Playtime:30 mins30 mins30 mins30 mins60 mins

#5 Time’s Up – Deluxe

time is up

This is a charade based game that can be played with teams of two or more players, before you start the game, each player looks at a set of cards that feature historical and fictional characters, and have to choose some of them. The cards they choose are shuffled into a deck, and are used for the first three rounds of the game. During the rounds, team members have to try and get their other teammates to guess as many names as possible in 30 seconds. The rules change as the rounds do, in the first round you can give as many clues as you want, in the second round, you are limited to one word, and in the third round, you can’t use any words at all. This is a fun game to play, especially if you have large groups of people around.

#4 Say Anything

say anything

Say anything can be played with up to eight people; it is a game where you can say anything, like the name suggests. There is a judge that will be appointed by the players in each round, who will ask questions from a card that they draw, each player writes an answer on a piece of paper of dry erase board, and leave it face up. They have to guess which answer the judge will like the most, and earn a point for each correct guess. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

#3 Spot It

spot it

This is a fun game to play at a family party, and can be played by up to eight people. The game features cards with eight different symbols on them, the aim is to spot the similar features in two cards faster than the other players, when you do, you get to keep the first card, and then another card is played for people to spot the similarities. The person with the most cards at the end of the day wins the game.

#2 Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades

This is another fun game that can be played with at a family party; it can be played with a large group of twelve or more people. Unlike regular charades, when the group is split into two or more groups, everyone in the group except for one person will work together, and try to get the one person to guess the words in 60 seconds. Each guessed word is worth a point, and each spoken or mouthed word costs the team a point. The team with the most points at the end wins.

#1 Cards Against Humanity

cards aginst humanity

This is probably the best party board game in 2016, but you have to have a wicked sense of humor to enjoy it. Cards against humanity is made with adults in mind, so don’t play this game with kids. Even the creators call it a party game for horrible people, so be prepared for some despicable questions and answers. It can be played in a small group of three people, and in a large group of about 20. The players get to select 10 answers from the white cards, and use those cards to answer questions from the black cards which the Card Czar will ask. The player whose answer is selected will keep the black card and is awarded a point. The Card Czar also changes after each round.

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