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Zpocalypse by Green Briar Review

Zpocalypse by Green Briar Review boagam
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Summary: This is probably the best zombie themed game available...


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Green Briar games bring us a new and realistic take on the zombie game genre with Zpocalypse, a game that won the Best Indie Game award at 2012’s TotalCon. The game was crowd funded through Kickstarter, it can be played with 1-4 players, but is more fun when you play with four players, and the games usually last 100 minutes. In this Zpocalypse review you will learn how to play it, what components does it have and lots more.


The end of days is near; the dead have risen, and are a threat to take over the world. As soon as they arrived, humanity started to crumble, and the world rulers decided to use nuclear weapons in and effort to get rid of the zombies. The plan failed, and effectively destroyed most of the planet’s natural resources, making it harder for survivors to find things they need like food, water, and medicine, while trying to avoid being eaten by zombies.

Your characters are survivors, who managed to make it to a bomb shelter before the nukes hit the ground, although you survived, your resources are running low, and you have to venture out of the shelter in search of food, water, medicine and survivors.



This game comes with 80 build tokens, 20 board tiles, 135 standard cards, 21 goal cards, 8 red dice, and 4 blue dice, 6 non-standard scenario cards, 1 point tracker, 20 page rule booklet, 4 square boards, 30 zombie miniatures, 8 squad miniatures, 4 colored point tracker meeples, 1 dog miniature.

How To Play

The game is played over 2-4 rounds, that are considered days, and each round has four segments. In the first three rounds are Scavenge, Feed and Fortify, and Something is Happening, give the players upkeep steps, and they will be able to get survival gear, rescue and recruit new squad members, and gain some optional goals to achieve. After that, players take turns building structures like walls and traps to fortify their bunker, in case of an attack.

The final round is Combat, and players will take turns roaming the map for more materials they can use, and battling zombies. These rounds will continue until or the zombies or players are dead.

how to play

Pros and Cons of Zpocalypse

Zpocalypse is fun and unpredictable, which will provide you with hours of fun before you ever get tired of playing it.

The biggest problem players will have with this game is understanding how the rules of the game, it might take a while, but once you get a grasp of it, the game is a blast.


This is probably the best zombie themed game available…

This is probably the best zombie themed game available, because it has everything you want in a zombie game, you will find yourself in plenty of different scenarios, you never know when you will be attacked by a group of zombies, or what to do when you run out of ammo during combat. Even if you aren’t a fan of the zombie genre, you will have a lot of fun playing this game.

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